Our core categories

While we cover a broader range of products, the focus for all our brands lies on the following core categories.

While our brands are mostly local, our aim is to leverage innovation, product expertise and marketing capabilities in our core categories across countries. In order to facilitate this we have Category Brand Teams (CBTs) in place which are led by one lead country and include cross functional and multi country team members. As a result, we are sharing successes much quicker and best practice gets deployed across countries.

Dairy Alternatives

More and more people look for alternatives to cow’s milk whether it’s because of lactose intolerance or general health concerns. That’s why the market for Dairy Alternatives is in strong growth. Traditionally the focus was on soy based products but nowadays the preference has shifted to other cereals and nuts, especially almond based drinks.

Sweet in Between

In today’s world, more and more people snack in between meals and that’s especially sweet products. Our range of organic and fair trade products includes mainly biscuits, bars and chocolates. Our products provide nutritional benefits and we are working on reducing sugar levels.

Bread and Biscuit Replacers

Bread and other wheat based products have developed a somewhat negative image and that is not just for people struggling with gluten intolerance (coeliac disease). Our range of mostly rice and corn based products is often used to replace bread. Our (chocolate-)coated cereal cakes are a favourite to replace biscuits and other sweet snacks.

Veggie Meals

Overconsumption of meat is one of the biggest sustainability and health issues of our time. Fortunately, more and more people are looking for alternatives. We have a broad range of vegetarian bread spreads, meal options and meat replacers. It’s a fast growing market and a future growth segment.

Breakfast Cereals

A healthy start to the day is something very important to our conscious consumers and cereals play a key role. Our business is entirely focused on the healthier options such as mueslis, porridge and crunchies.

Hot Drinks

We sell a range of fair trade coffees, hot chocolate and tea. Many people consider drinking tea part of a healthier life style and for our health focused markets green tea and infusions are a core category.