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A Food Revolution is underway

More and more people are starting to wake up to the fact that what they eat and drink every day is important for their own health and well-being and that of their families. Many people are also starting to realise the impact the modern, Western diet has on the sustainability of the planet, animal welfare and living conditions of people in other parts of the world. We believe this will be a long term trend for the years to come, as the fundamental drivers are not likely to change.

The European market for sustainable food such as organic , vegetarian and fair trade has been growing significantly for many years, as shown in the market reports. This contrasts sharply with the conventional food market in Europe, which tends to stagnate. People cannot (and probably should not) eat more but they want to replace poor-quality food that is not good for them with higher-quality, healthier and organic food. Health reasons, an increasing number of food scandals, climate and environmental issues and more consideration for sustainable production methods motivate people to change their diet on a permanent basis.

Healthy & Sustainable food accounts for 5–7% of the European food market if we define it as food covered by a certificate such as those related to animal welfare, organic, fair trade, the environment and conservation and/or fish farming and wild catch. Although this is still a small percentage of the total food market, it is growing fast. Wessanen competes with different companies, and contributes to the growth of the market for healthy and sustainable food by only making and marketing food products that are vegetarian, organic, fair trade and offer health benefits.

Sustainable food is covered by various certificates such as regarding animal welfare, organic, fair trade, environment and conservation, fish farming and wild catch, vegan and vegetarian.


Additional information on organic, fair trade and/or vegetarian

For additional background information on organic, fair trade and/or vegetarian, please visit our sustainability section.