Wessanen Charity Dinner

On October 31st a Wessanen charity dinner took place to support Jongeren Op Gezond Gewicht (children on a healthy weight) an initiative that has been working on creating a healthy environment for children and their parents since 2012. The event raised € 18,000. This money enables JOGG-Zaanstad  to build a new school square for primay school De Gouw (The Netherlands) with vegetable gardens for the toddlers.

During the evening, Annemijn Berghuis of JOGG-Zaanstad held a presentation about the problems in and around the school, explained how a healthy playground should look like and spoke about their plans on how to improve the situation.

“Thank you Wessanen for your (huge!) donation for the playground and vegetable gardens” (JOGG Zaanstad)
Charity dinner

About the initiative 

On average, one in eight Dutch children is overweight.  In some neighborhoods in Zaanstad, even one in three children is too heavy. Overweight increases the risk of diseases. Moreover, being overweight at young age has a major negative impact on psychological and social development.

JOGG-Zaanstad works with professionals, such as nurses, gym teachers, welfare workers and dieticians, to encourage children and parents to drink water, eat healthy and be physically active. Together they change the environment in which children and young people grow up.    

Read more aboutprimay school De Gouw and the project.