Disclosure of information

Wessanen Disclosure Policy 2017

Wessanen Disclosure Policy 2017.pdf(187 Kb)

Provision of information

In accordance with the Dutch Act of Financial Supervision, Wessanen will ensure that any price-sensitive information – information that is concrete and has not publicly been disclosed and whose disclosure might significantly affect the Company’s share price - will be disclosed without delay to the general public in the form of a press release that will be disseminated over two or more major wire services, at least one international and one national daily newspaper, and publication on this website.

Price-sensitive information that has been publicly released by Wessanen or is already in the public domain may be discussed by spokespersons designated by the Company on an individual or selective basis. However, if the provision of such information is regarded by Wessanen to be of interest to the general public - for instance at an Annual General Shareholder’s Meeting, quarterly earnings review or presentation to sell-side analysts - Wessanen will make this information available for general dissemination through a conference call, web cast or a presentation which will be broadcast live on a medium that will allow the public, without charge, to receive the information. Following such an event, presentations will be posted on this website and, in so far as reasonably possible, provision will be made for an audio replay to be available for a certain period thereafter.

In the ordinary course of business, designated spokespersons regularly communicate with outside parties, such as media or securities industry professionals in one-on-one meetings, group meetings, site visits or industry conferences, etc., to provide them with relevant information to enable them to gain better insight into the Company. Wessanen adheres to the policy that, at such meetings, price-sensitive non-public information should not be discussed or disclosed in any way or form. Wessanen will provide analysts and investors with fair access to Company information and management within the limits of its time and resources. Under no circumstances will Wessanen compromise the independence of analysts or investors in relation to the Company, irrespective of their recommendation on Wessanen shares or a decision to buy or sell Wessanen shares.

To prevent inadvertent disclosure of price-sensitive information, Wessanen, as part of its Disclosure Policy, has imposed upon itself ‘quiet periods’ in the weeks prior to an upcoming results’ announcement, during which it will not engage in any discussion or participate in any kind of meeting with the general public, media or securities industry professionals in which one could reasonably expect that price-sensitive non-public information could be discussed. Silent periods are published here.