Governance structure


Wessanen has a two-tier board structure. Wessanen is managed by an Executive Board, which is supervised and advised by a Supervisory Board. The two boards are accountable to the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Wessanen is a public limited company, incorporated under Dutch law on 3 July 1913. Our shares are listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam since 1959. We are required to comply with (inter alia) Dutch law and Dutch corporate governance rules.

Corporate Governance principles 

The corporate governance principles we employ will be reviewed and amended when deemed necessary. The Corporate Governance Statement (or: ‘Corporate-Governanceverklaring’) as determined in the Decree of 23 December 2004 regarding the implementation of further accounting standards for the content of annual reports (‘Besluit van 23 december 2004 tot vaststelling van nadere voorschriften omtrent de inhoud van de jaarrekening’) and as amended on 10 December 2009, can be found here.

Corporate Governance Code

In our annual report we have explained Wessanen’s overall corporate governance structure and indicated to what extent we have applied the provisions of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code (the ‘Code’) of December 2008. The Code can be found on the website of the Dutch corporate governance committee.

The Executive Board and the Supervisory Board are responsible for the corporate governance structure of the Company and are of the opinion that all of the principles of the Code are endorsed and the vast majority of the best practice provisions are applied. Any best practice provisions of the Code that are not or not fully applied and the reasons for these deviations are set out in our annual report.