General Meeting of Shareholders

At least once a year a General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) will be held.

The agenda of the AGM shall at least contain the report of the Executive Board, the adoption of the financial statements (including the appropriation of the results), the proposal to distribute dividends and the proposal to discharge the members of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board.

Shareholders, who, alone or jointly, represent at least 1% of Wessanen’s issued capital or a block of shares, alone or jointly, at least worth €50 million shall have the right to request the Executive Board or the Supervisory Board that items be placed on the agenda of the AGM.

Resolutions shall be passed on the basis of an absolute majority of votes cast, unless a greater majority is required by law or by the Articles of Association.

The AGM shall be convened by notice given by the Supervisory Board or the Executive Board. The notice convening the meeting shall be given no later than the 42nd day prior to the date of the meeting and shall specify the subjects to be discussed.